Trade-In Policy and Book Pricing for The Bookworm Used Bookstore


General Pricing Guide

Used paperback books are sold at 50% off the publisher’s list price. Most used hardback books are sold at 75% off the publisher’s list price.

$10.00 Paperback – sold at The Bookworm for $5.00 (+ tax)
$28.00 Hardback – sold at The Bookworm for $7.00 (+ tax)


Trade-In Policy

The Bookworm Used Bookstore offers a credit of 25% of the publisher’s list price for all paperback books and 12.5% for hardbacks. **Please limit the number of books brought in for trade to 20 per visit** We strictly offer store credit, we do not purchase.

$10.00 Paperback – credit of $2.50
$28.00 Hardback – credit of $3.50

When purchasing our used books, you can use store credit for up to half the amount of your total book purchase.

$30.00 total cost of used book purchase – can use up to $15.00 of store credit

*The Bookworm Used Bookstore reserves the right to not accept any book based on condition, age, and stock.

**Store credit can only be used for the purchase of books.

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