The Bookworm’s Blind Date with a Book, Customer and Staff Picks, and The Overbooked Book Club



Blind Date with a Book

Ever heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Of course you have. We’re all guilty of it, so we’re removing the temptation! All of the books in our Blind Date with a Book section are covered in brown paper with just a few bullet points describing the story. Every book in this section has been read and enjoyed by Cortney. Take a chance on one of these, you won’t be disappointed!



Customer and Staff Picks

All the customer and staff picks have been read by one of us or one of our amazing customers. Have a recommendation for us? Bring your used book in for trade, let us know you loved it, and get your book recommendation featured on the shelf!



Overbooked Book Club

We are all busy with life, and we already have a ton of books sitting on our TBR piles. But, we love reading and are always looking for the next book that we will fall in love with. Join the club… The Bookworm’s Overbooked Book Club!

We will be recommending new releases and selling them new at the store on release day!

It won’t be every month, and it will only be a book I have read in advance and absolutely loved.

Our first pick is one that both Dallas and I read and agreed it was one of our FAVORITE books of 2019 (seriously!)

In Five Years by Rebecca Serle comes out March 10th. It is a beautifully written, a wonderful and heartbreaking story that you will keep thinking about long after it’s finished. Scroll through the pictures to read the description.

The cost is $26.99, and will be available for pick up at The Bookworm on March 10th, the day it is released. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a copy, you can stop by The Bookworm, call the store at 843-750-0000, or email us at

Since this is a new book, you will not be able to use store credit. We are ordering a limited #, so make sure you get yours in!

We are so looking forward to doing this with you all! We are not scheduling a meeting just yet, but will definitely reconsider that depending on the level interest.

Happy Reading!

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