About Us

We (Cortney and Eli) met our freshman year of college at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA. Fast forward a decade and then some, we’re married and living in Myrtle Beach. After eight years of various career paths, we finally collected enough used books and found the perfect location for The Bookworm Used Bookstore.

Fun fact: The Bookworm logo is actually based on a tattoo Eli drew up for Cortney (which is now forever inked on her arm) before opening The Bookworm was even a thought.

Cortney – Book lover, voracious reader, and hater of most movie adaptations (“his hair was brown in the book!”)

Cortney has loved to read and been a low-key book hoarder since she was young. Her favorite book of all time is Gone with the Wind which she has read more times than she can count. Her favorite genres are Mystery/Suspense and Young Adult. Other than reading (and Eli), she loves her dogs, wine, and her guilty pleasure… bad television.

Eli – General business smarts, master carpenter (kind of), and comic book nerd

While Eli isn’t quite the reader Cortney is, he has been reading a lot more since the store opened! He likes Clive Cussler, books about cooking and famous chefs, and has been reading the Dexter series. Eli is a die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan and absolutely loves to cook. Eli works full-time as a craft beer rep around Myrtle Beach.


The Mascots
Oliver and Penelope are our dogs and the official mascots of The Bookworm. These two rescue mutts aren’t big readers, but they have never destroyed a book, so we’re considering that a win! You can often see them used as props in our book pictures.


Our Littlest Bookworms
Charlee and her little brother Dean live in Pittsburgh and are already huge book lovers! Their favorite books are Ferdinand, Bony Legs, and The Little Engine That Could. They often guest star in our store bookstagram. Search for their special hashtags #charleethebookworm and #deandeanthereadingmachine

These are our other nieces, Amelia, Brooklyn, and Zoe who live in Maryland. We will turn them into bookworms some day! In the meantime, we will continue to buy them books every Christmas, whether they like it or not.

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